I have found a really easy way to make your own personalized stepping-stones without spending big bucks on materials.  Trying to come up with a fun craft for the kids and family to make, but one that isn’t going to end up in the trash, can be difficult.  This mosaic stepping stone technique is not only simple but the finished stones are awesome and will last a very long time.

At first I was a bit doubtful about crafting with cement….I really didn’t know if I would find it overly messy and, to be totally honest, I wondered how much time and effort it would involve.  My husband is really a hands on guy and has patched our driveway and helped our son put in a cement walkway but it was back-breaking work under a hot summer sun.  The only fun part that I partook in was embedding my hand print in the cold mussy  sludge.

But this is really, really easy and it is fun! Yes, there is that word…..fun!  I recruited my youngest son and his girlfriend to help me and we all had a blast.  If you look closely at the photo you will see a layer of light gray cement topping a light tan cement base.  What we did was to use an existing commercially bought stone, add a layer of fresh cement then decorate it with our hand-prints and a mixed color assortment of stained glass cobbles.  So easy and so cool!  The complete (free) directions and a photo tutorial for making stepping-stones for the garden can be viewed here.

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Butterfly Bottle

Calling all crafters with a love for stained glass. I’ve worked with glass for over 25 years with my husband in a small family business. He is the true “Stained Glass Artist” being highly involved in creating beautiful pieces of finished art as well as totally versed in manufacturing Cathedral sheet glass for the architectural and stained glass industries.

I, on the other hand, am a DIY Crafter. I love to create small projects using materials that I have stashed away in my crafting room or found on the floor of my husband’s glass factory….and that is where this craft blog begins!  Those small pieces of broken glass eventually became “Stained Glass Cobbles”.  I would lovingly gather them up at the end of every production day because the thought of these glistening little gems going into the trash broke my heart.  Now I have to say, many people (namely my husband) thought this was a psychological dysfunction that I had suddenly acquired, after all he had a 14,000 square foot building filled with nicely trimmed rectangles of beautiful colored glass in a multitude of surface textures that I could have used at any time.  But no, I liked the little broken pieces on the floor.

Why you ask?  Because I didn’t have to cut or break a good sheet of glass to get them. For what I wanted to use them for they were perfect! My head was filled with ideas on how I could make awesome stained glass crafts without using a glass cutter, lead, solder, or any of the tools and space that glass artists need. I wanted to craft on my kitchen table if need be, I wanted to create a new way of glass crafting! And I did. And now I want to share with you all my little creative projects and I want to find out what you are doing in crafts, be it glass,crochet or whatever. Lets have fun together, learning, exploring and laughing! Join me now and at least once every week so we can share our crafting wonders! This is going to be a blast!

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